September 25, 2017

Chiropractic Advice Re Your Baby & Infants

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Helping little spines from the start.

Our family chiropractors believe that spinal health starts from the day our little ones emerge into the world. When looking for chiropractic on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Complete Care puts your family first. The following simple tips are to help you along the way with a new addition to the family. Remember our team of gentle Chiropractors are here to help so don’t hesitate to drop by our clinic – we are always happy to help should you feel the need.

When moving or picking up your baby, always remember to support your baby’s head and neck. Keep an eye that their head doesn’t move about too much as this can damage the joints and tissues of their spine and nervous system.

Until your little future northern beaches superstar can hold their own head up in a strong and coordinated way, it is best that they stay lying down and are transported in your arms or in a supportive sling, capsule or pram.

Studies have shown that a secure bond with a parent in early childhood can help a child’s psychological and even intellectual development. Be affectionate with your baby, respond to crying and show your child love and warmth.

Sitting babies upright too early places considerable stress on their neck and lower spine. Backpack style carriers should only be used once your baby has considerably strong head and neck control.

Remember, at Complete Chiropractic Dee Why, we believe that our spinal health starts from young. If you are looking for an Australian Chiropractor to advise on the development of your baby or family speak to one of our great Family Chiropractors. Our team on the Northern Beaches of Sydney are here to help with Chiropractic treatment.

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