September 8, 2015

Bicipital Tendinitis Treatment Available Near Brookvale

The disorder of the tendon around the biceps muscle is called Biceps tendinitis. This condition causes pain in your arm and/or shoulder and can lead to more serious problems if left untreated.

Studies show that biceps tendon is most often found in patients 18 to 35 years of age who are involved in sports.


  • Pain at the front of the shoulder
  • Pain when lifting your arm out
  • Pain that often gets worse at night or upon awakening in the morning.
  • Redness, swelling, and a sensation of heat in the area of the biceps tendon.
  • Limited range of motion in the shoulder and the elbow.
  • A crackling noise (crepitation) in the shoulder when the arm is moved
  • You may hear or feel a snap at the top of the shoulder with sharp pain.

One of the best treatment is resting your arm which is highly recommended. Stay away from activities that cause pain and begin cold compression treatments as soon as possible. Posture Correction treatment and releases of the tendon can be done by the chiropractor.

The trick to getting your arm and shoulder back in the best possible condition is getting it to heal with minimal scar tissue. If you heal your tendinitis properly and treat scar tissue build up, your chance of re-injury or chronic shoulder conditions later on is much lower than average. We see a lot of our clients who work in Brookvale present with this condition.

Learn more about this condition near Brookvale and ask us how chiropractic care can help you.