August 10, 2017

How To Use Chiropractic Care To Reduce Time Of Labour

Chiropractic Care To Reduce Time Of Labour

In pregnancy, all women experience body changes as a result of creating the perfect environment for developing and delivering a baby. These changes include extended abdomen, pelvic changes as well as increased back curve which leads to low back pain. Overall, when it comes to postural adaptations, a lot of pressure is exerted on the musculoskeletal system of a mother. This is why it can be very beneficial for every mother-to-be to seek chiropractic care and get adjusted at least once during her pregnancy.

Every chiropractor is qualified to work with women going through their pregnancy. Some take additional training to be able to provide prenatal and postnatal care. When adjusting a pregnant woman’s body, a chiropractor uses a special designed table and methods to prevent unnecessary pressure on the abdomen. It is common that a chiropractor, who is trained in overall pregnancy wellness, also recommends stretching and exercising that are safe and very useful during this time.

Balancing the pelvic is one of the most common reasons why pregnant women seek chiropractic help. In case of misaligned pelvis, there is a risk of not having sufficient room for the baby to grow and get into a position that is best for a natural birth. It has been proved that, in this case, only 9% of babies will go back to the right position on their own. However, a realignment method, known as the Webster Technique, has a 92% success rate in optimal foetal positioning. The technique is usually followed by relaxing the uterus by light massage of ligaments that support it.

Moreover, changes that occur during pregnancy, such as weight gain and bad posture can place additional stress on the spine and cause joint dysfunctions, pain and negatively affect nerve communication throughout the body. By employing a simple spine adjustment, a totally non invasive technique, a chiropractor will restore correct joint function, improving your overall wellbeing. The technique involves gentle movements applied on the spinal column and extremities.
Also, it has been proved that chiropractic care can significantly reduce time of labour and prevent a caesarean delivery. Studies show that mothers under chiropractic care, delivering the first baby, have 25% reduced labour time in comparison to women without care and even 31% shorter labour time in case of pregnancy after the first child.

Many women consider pain as an essential part of pregnancy. However, they do not realise that this type of care is not only beneficial for reducing pain, but also creating the safe environment for the baby by supporting body’s natural abilities to function.
Our chiropractors provides treatments, exercises and education to help you prevent pregnancy related issues and enjoy pain relief.