October 13, 2015

Lumbar and other Intervertebral disc disorders with Myelopathy

Lumbar disc disorder with myelopathy refers to an issue of the lumbar spine that outcomes in pressure of the most minimal segment of the spinal cord (conus medullaris). Myelopathy is a comprehensive term alluding to any issue of the spinal rope. The lumbar region indicates the lower segment of the spine from the mid-to lower back between the thoracic spine of the upper back and sacral region at the spine’s base. The lumbar spine contains five vertebrae.

Examples of myelopathy include: carcinomatous myelopathy (spinal rope degeneration connected with growth); compressive myelopathy (spinal cord changes from the weight of hematomas, stenosis [narrowing], or masses); radiation myelopathy (spinal cord devastation from radiation sources, for example, x-beam treatment). At the point when spinal line pulverisation is brought on by a difficulty of sickness, the particular myelopathy implies that source. (e.g., diabetic myelopathy).


The most common risk factor for lumbar disc disorder with myelopathy disc is age-related disc degeneration in the vicinity of stenosis. Other danger elements incorporate weight, diabetes, and cigarette smoking. Hereditary inclination has additionally been proposed as a reason. At our ———— practice we may be able to give you some relief of symptoms – speak to our team today to see if our treatment may be suitable for your specific case.

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