April 22, 2013

Posture Correction Aids available @ CCDY

ABCA Products
These are all designed to maximise holistic postural changes and encourage a dynamic and vital body, from the feet to the head.  Empowering the patient to control of their bodies and eliminate tension building patterns and provide robust postures.
ABCA Mattress
The ABCA Mattress is designed to maximise therapeutic sleep. The ABCA mattress is built with the highest strength springs, allowing you the ability to find your sleeping balance point, with the aid of the ABCA Pillow. This combination ensures the body is balanced during sleep improving sleeping posture.
Bad backs need to be supported to hold the compensation patterns that exist in the body; so many people usually prefer soft beds. But this is not always best for your health. A bad mattress can actually cause a significant limitation to your posture and to balance the effectiveness of the healing process that should occur throughout the night. As your body undergoes the unwinding program of ABC, it’s beneficial for the body to find its central e point naturally with a firmer mattress.
ABCA Seat Wedge
The ABCA Seat Wedge is designed from high density foam and specifically angled to give you the best possible help with maintaining a corrected posture.  Seats are most often designed poorly and have a tendency to increase postural tension.  The wedge is easily portable, great for taking to concerts, football, cafes and dinner parties as well as improvements to car seats.  Bucket seats cause you to slump (Head forward, shoulders rolling in, chest sink in, folding of the body forward). The seat wedge fills the bucket component of the seat and allows your body to sit in a good posture without much effort from you. Ask your ABC practitioner for guidance or attend one of their SSS (Sleeping, standing and sitting) information classes.
ABCA Pillow
Every person has a different body, there is no one pillow fits all. ABC pillow has a pillow top that resembles a regular pillow and several layers of foam of different heights to get the perfect fit for each individual.
The ABCA Pillow works only on firm and hard beds, for example the ABCA Bed.  You will not be able to find your pillow height on a soft bed.
We do not recommend pillows when sleeping on your back, there is a way to fold a towel which will be enough.
ABC Shoe inserts
Orthotics and hard arch supports in shoes hold the arches of the feet so the arch cannot work in its natural way.  This causes deactivation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments and potential softening of the bones of the feet.  An innersole that is too soft requires the body to constantly find a balance point when you are on your feet, raising tension in the body due to  compensate.
It has been found that most people require a small heel lift, firm, flat and wide inner soles, in both sides to promote and maintain erect posture for the rest of the body.