When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome treatment Sydney people there’s relief at hand. Our chiropractors can help you deal with this matter in an effective way …

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is on the rise globally, partly this is due to our greater reliance on computers and communication technology. We are typing and touching our way repeatedly on multiple keyboards and screens like never before. CTS is, also, caused by repetitive motions in manual labour. What is the carpal tunnel? It is a narrow passageway formed by the carpal bones within the wrist, which houses the median nerve. The median nerve connects the hand to the cervical spine. CTS involves the compression of this nerve resulting in pain, numbness, and may weaken grip strength over time. Surgery is an option, but research indicates that this is not always successful in fixing the problem. Chiropractic treatments can offer an effective alternative to invasive therapies like surgery.

Chiropractic Treatments Can Assist CTS

Early detection of CTS and chiropractic treatment can provide effective manipulation therapy, which has been found to be helpful in reducing symptoms and improving the overall condition. In addition, our whole-body approach at Complete Chiropractic can recommend dietary, exercise and ergonomic recommendations to assist the management of CTS. Our experienced practitioners have found that in many instances the CTS has originated in the vertebra of the neck of the sufferer. Our targeted treatments can improve the symptoms of this painful condition. Reducing the near constant pain that sufferers, often, experience at night, which prevents a good night’s sleep.

Our Natural Healing Approach

If you are experiencing pins and needles, numbness, pain and a weakened grip in your hand or hands, we invite you to discuss your healthcare with us. We have had a deal of success in treating CTS and similar hand and wrist complaints. Our treatments can reduce inflammation, pain and numbness from the carpal region. Our natural healing approach offers an alternative from invasive surgery. Call us now to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms and to find out more.