Massage at our Dee Why Practice

We all know that the immediate benefit of having a massage is deep relaxation. The massage stimulates the release of endorphins that in turn produce the feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Massage can increase the level of serotonin in your body, producing an overall sense of calm and stress levels are lowered which help you maintain a good immunity.

Other physical benefits of a relaxation massage includes:

  • reduced muscle stiffness
  • increased joint flexibility and mobility
  • reduced anxiety and depression
  • better circulation and skin tone
  • mentally more alert

In addition to relaxation massage in Dee Why there are a variety of different types of
massage that can aid in injury recovery, pregnancy and
general pain management.

Here at Complete Chiropractic Dee Why we believe that massage compliments what we do beautifully and our patients have been
enjoying and seeing the benefit of massage with our resident Massage Therapist, Ana Maria Ostos.

Most of our patients will book in for a massage with Ana straight after their Chiropractic treatment as they find it really helps with
maintaining their care.

These patients often get the monthly package, which is cost effective and means they can secure their slot a month in advance.

Ana has practiced for a long time on the Northern Beaches, in specific, Manly.  She currently lives in Dee Why. Having originally
studied and practiced as a Physiotherapist, she has a keen understanding of the human body and is passionate about helping our
patients receive more holistic care.

While Ana does not claim that massage can cure every disease or problem,
she can explain to you and show you how massage can be used effectively as
a complimentary treatment for many symptoms.

To book your session with Ana, please give us a call on 9972

  • 90mins Massage: $115
  • 60mins Massage: $85
  • 30min Massage: $50