September 8, 2014

Dr Hooman Zahedi now a published author!

Straight Forward Book

My goal in this book is to help you understand the source and nature of chronic pain and explain how you can mindfully locate and identify the cause of stress in your body. I’ll look at how standing, sitting and sleeping can affect your habitual posture, and I’ll uncover the breakthrough technique that brings results that were previously out of reach. When used with care and attention to diet and lifestyle, the results are unimaginable.

Most people regard their body’s pain with a sense of bafflement. In fourteen years of practice, the one question I’m asked most often by clients is:

“Why am I in pain?”

Followed closely by, “Why is my body like this?”

Throughout the writing of this book I recalled thousands of cases I’d seen where new patients would ask the question that became more familiar over the years: ‘What’s wrong with my body?’ Most of their difficulties manifested over a long period of time, and even though they were physical in nature, the catalyst for their seeking treatment can be largely attributed to emotional stress.

Straight Forward is now available for purchase.