September 25, 2017

Drink More Water

drink more water sydney chiropractors

Drink More…………Water!

Time and time again when chiro patients come to see our team,  we find that there is one major factor influencing their health and recovery. The answer for many of our chronic back pain patients may surprise you! Drink more…. (water that is!)

The following seven tips are not only good for your general health but also for back pain solutions – if your body is better hydrated it has a higher chance of healing.

When you drink more water the bodies fluid balance is better maintained. The body composition of fluid is roughly 60-70% water regular rehydration is required in order to maintain this vital balance.

Worried about weight? Drinking water can actually help you control your daily calorific intake. Not only can water make you feel fuller – choosing water over a sweetened beverage can help you feel full without adding unnecessary calories to your day.

Looking how to relieve back pain? Feeling sore after working out on any of our stunning northern beaches? Increasing your water consumption can help to soothe aching muscles. When our fluid level is low – muscle cells don’t work as well and the recovery arc takes longer.

Worried about how to keep your skin supple and feeling great? Forget expensive creams and masks – staying hydrated keeps the skin you’re in looking great! Dehydration makes your skin look drier and wrinkled, so put down your bottle of cream and pick up your bottle of water and have another sip!

It’s important to remember that fluids are how our body transports waste products. Drinking more water allows for our kidneys to function at their optimum.

Our Northern Beach’s chiros know that blood circulation depends on a healthy level of hydration, with low levels of water in the body – the blood is unable to regulate body temperature as adequately.

Don’t forget – It is recommended that the average person consumes at least two litres (around 8 cups) of water per day, try and get through at least that amount if you’re looking to help your body help you.

Northern Beaches chiropractic at our Dee Why location allows you to get the most out of your body. Give our BUPA prefered chiropractor a call. Our wonderful team at Complete Chiro Dee Why will be happy to help you arrange for your next chiropractic treatment with your nearest chiropractor.

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