October 11, 2016


Guest Blog by Kirsten Rennie.

Your body always whispers before it shouts – NO exceptions. Do you feel run down, tired, always scrambling for more time? Perhaps your lifestyle has become so busy that you have forgotten how to check in with yourself regularly.

Your body holds all the answers, pointers and guidance you need to feel balanced, full of vitality and in the flow of your own life. The trick is learning to listen. I hear my friends and clients complain too often that they don’t necessarily feel sick, but that they don’t feel healthy either. This is an indication they have lost some connection with their body.

We are all so busy in our heads these days, that the way our body feels is often overlooked as we push through with the hope of a sleep-in on the weekend. Checking in with yourself and your body daily is as important as brushing your teeth. By doing so you will pick up on the subtle clues to keep yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically balanced. Your body talks to you through pain, symptoms and DISease and it ALWAYS whispers before it shouts.

Here is a couple of examples for you; a sense of uneasiness or tightness in your chest is an example of a whisper, chest palpitations is a shout.
Feeling a sense of dull worry in the pit of your stomach is a whisper, anxiety or a panic attack is a shout.

It is our job to recognise the whispers so that we can take the action we need to rebalance ourselves. Please don’t ignore them, as they only get louder!

Recognising the whispers is easier than you may think, it is actually the favourite part of my day. The easiest and most effective way is by spending daily quiet time with yourself, this rekindles the mind-body connection. Quiet time slows the mind down leaving the mental chatter behind so you can feel your body.

Start with 5 minutes a day, then aim to build up to 10 minutes over a 2-3 week period.

1. Set your alarm for 5 minutes whilst mentally giving yourself permission to be still.
2. Light a candle and sit quietly (chair/cross legged) in darkness. A flame is a quick trick to help us instantly become present and ready to focus on ourselves.
3. Scan your body starting at the head and moving down to feet. Notice any sensation (perhaps a tight neck from your sleep, nervous tummy for the day ahead, sense of heaviness or tiredness).
4. Acknowledge (don’t analyse) the way your body is feeling, and move onto the next area.
The key is to allow whatever sensation comes up, you are just learning to feel your body again.

TIP – the best time is first thing in the morning when your mind is the quietest and your body is well rested. If your schedule only permits the evening just give yourself a little bit more time for your mind to unwind from your day.

After 2-3 weeks you will be more body aware, able to recognise whispers and take any action needed. Action may be as simple as giving your body a full day’s rest if it feels depleted. It may be making that phone call you have been putting off.

Further health benefits from quiet time:

    • Feel calm and gain more clarity
    • Less sugar cravings and better food choices
    • Unwillingness to be involved in your own stress and drama
    • Emotional stability
    • Ease and flow for your day
    • Save time, money and inconvenience from detecting a potential health issue.

Written for Complete Chiropractic by Kirsten Rennie Mind-body Medicine practitioner, Dee Why.

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