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This one simple activity could be the cause of your lower back troubles.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the world, our chiropractors at Complete Chiropractic Dee Why are noticing a shift. We see, on the Northern Beaches that more and more of our patients are spending more and more time sitting during the day. Some of our patients are feeding back to us that they now spend more time sitting than they do sleeping – which, after all things considered that we spend over a third of our life in bed; that’s a lot of time on our rear-end!

Our gentle chiropractors recommend the number one tip to reduce lower back pain caused by sedentary lifestyles is by taking a break in the day. A break of one to two minutes for every thirty minutes worked will allow your postural control muscles to re-energise and invigorate and help you reduce the risk of long term injury.

If you live in Dee Why, Manly, Narrabeen or the surrounding suburbs our Australian Chiropractors are here to help you achieve lower back pain relief. Give our wonderful staff a call at Complete Chiropractic – your first choice for spinal health on the northern beaches of Sydney.

Pain in your lower back can most often be attributed to stress and irritation of the tendons, ligaments, soft tissues and muscles surrounding and protecting the spine. Sometimes lower back pain can stem from the spine; this may be due to irritation of the facet joints, or compression of the vertebral disc. These factors such as stress and irritation may develop after an injury, however, it can be the result of poor posture, lack of exercise or repetitive strain due to activities such as extended sitting or driving. That’s when you need a chiropractor that treats lower back pain.

Our Sydney Northern Beaches chiropractors focus on the spine and nervous system and this is our area of expertise. If you have any discomfort that you are concerned about, or would like your body to be working at its full potential – please give our team providing Chiropractic care to the northern beaches of Sydney a call today.

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