July 26, 2016


Sometimes, the expression “less is more” applies. Especially when beginning Chiropractic care.

Like learning to run, swim, or play golf, time should firstly be devoted to acquiring the basic movement patterns, then adding more technical aspects.

Your Chiro adjustment sets the body’s natural Unwinding in motion, returning spine function to a safer baseline. From there, we can move toward our goals; pain-relief, sports performance or support for active growing kids.

Can I do massage and Chiro?
We hear this one a lot! And the short answer is Yes. Where bad muscle patterns exist in your body, the adjustment will be less effective.

By the same token, if your spine is stiff and inflamed, a massage may only have minor benefits until this is addressed.

So for fastest results we suggest adequate Chiro adjustments first, to free up your posture and reduce pain. Massage and rehab treatments come next, and can be safely combined with your adjustments.

We have a trusted local network of complimentary health practitioners who can support your journey to great posture and fluid movement. Your Chiropractor will refer you when necessary – so we can keep our focus on healthy spines.

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