May 24, 2016

Should I go to the chiro or physio?

Finding the right practitioner for your condition is important. We all can experience back or nerve pain in our lives – and a speedy recovery will help maintain your high level of overall health.

At the end of the day, if a fully-trained and registered Chiro, Physio (or other) has helped you, you are probably not fussed about what their exact title is. In fact, I can’t remember a time when a patient asked to see my university degrees.

Physios and Chiros employ an enormous range of therapies into their practice. No two practitioners are the same – even within the same profession! It can be a little confusing, but you can rest assured there IS a person out there with the exact set of tools to get your body healing itself properly, without pain.

Chiropractors are highly trained in making specific adjustments to your body that are safe and effective for most types of pain and restriction. Physios tend more toward rehabilitation style therapies for the body and do an amazing job with tissue tightness.
There is much cross-over these days as many Chiros focus on sports therapies, which was traditionally the realm of Physios, and now some Physios endeavour to learn basic manipulation for their set of skills.

Chiropractors know that when the body is balanced with optimal posture and spinal movement, the body will heal any mechanical issue in a short time. Therefore Chiro fits thoroughly into the ‘prevention’ side of health care along with your exercise schedule and healthy eating habits.

We use a modern style of Chiropractic suitable for infants, adults and athletes.
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Written by: Jason Whealing, Chiropractor