What is ABC?

Advanced Biostructural Correction™

What is it?

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)™ is a method of chiropractic care that is relatively new to Australia. Though widely practised overseas, it is being pioneered by a small group of Australian chiropractors who have recognised it as a revolutionary technique.

What does the treatment involve?

In practicing the ABC™ technique, your chiropractor will look at your spine to see the issues and injuries that your body is unable to correct on its own. He will narrow down the precise points in your body where mechanical stress is taking place and use adjustment techniques to release it. However, your chiropractor will only adjust your body in areas where the body is unable to correct itself.

Some patients may find that they re-experience some mild symptoms related to their previous injuries or physical conditions during what’s known as the unwinding process. This is a temporary state and part of unlocking and erasing the traumatic events that your body has experienced.

How does it work?

ABC™ practitioners believe that your body compensates for injuries throughout the course of your life and that the impact of this compensation continues to accrue over time. The goal of ABC™ is to ‘unwind’ your body back through these problem areas and ‘unlock’ each area of tension and injury.

While your body is a powerful machine with a range of corrective and protective mechanisms built into it, the accrual of tension and tissue damage resulting from old injuries means that it is not always able to self-correct.

What are the outcomes?

The end goal is to remove mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular and tissue structures.

What to Expect

If you’re new to chiropractic treatment or a new client with Complete Chiropractic, it’s helpful to know what your new health care regimen will entail.

Your treatment plan

At your first appointment, Our Chiropractors will build a complete picture of your health and medical history in order to develop your personalised treatment plan. This plan will cover:

– the health care issues that need to be treated
– the number of treatments you should expect to attend
– the frequency and cost of your treatments
– the outcomes you can expect to see
– The treatment plan will be explained to you at your second appointment. It’s    important for you to feel comfortable and involved with your treatment so if you have any questions, feel free to discuss them with any of our Chiropractors during your consultations.

Your physical treatment

Spinal adjustments using the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) ™ technique will begin during your first or second visit. These are quick; you’ll be asked to stand or lie on your back and Our Chiropractors will perform the adjustments using his hands.

You may experience some slight muscle pain the day after your treatment; this is normal, and should ease within 24 hours.

The stages of treatment

Generally, there are three treatment stages that clients can engage with.

Pain relief
this initial stage involves diagnosis and treatment of the cause of your pain

Posture correction
during this stage our chiropractic team treats the underlying factors contributing to poor posture

this stage is focused on unlocking the stress and tension of old injuries that accrue in your body over time. This is a long-term process and requires a commitment of a few months for optimal results.


The amount of time you commit to your chiropractic treatment is largely up to you and depends on both the severity of your condition and the amount of time you’re willing to commit to achieving better health.

However, while many patients come in looking for a quick solution for their pain, most opt to continue through the posture correction and unwinding phases once they start seeing real changes to their quality of life.