Treated Symptoms

Do you feel ill, or are you in discomfort or pain?

Persistent complaints must be treated to allow you to get the best from life! We do not treat the symptom; we find and correct the underlying cause of the problem. By addressing the cause, we are finding a longer term solution so you find greater benefit from the treatment. Every day stresses of life can cause a number of symptoms for example having one jaw muscle tighter (more sensitive to pressure) than the other, or clicking of the jaw can easily be treated by a Chiropractor.

Have you experienced trauma as a result of an accident?

Something as simple a lifting a child or more extreme in the form of a car accident can cause significant stress on the body. Any form of trauma experienced causes stress to the spine and as a result, a number of knock on side effects. Quite often complaints identified with later in life can be as a result of physical trauma experienced in earlier years.

Do you perform at your optimum when participating in sports?

We can improve your spinal and pelvic structure in order to optimise your performance. Proper alignment of the spine means immediate improvement in performance. We have treated many sports people during our careers and they have recognised a stronger performance as a result of their treatments and have also found it beneficial to treat sports injuries.

Do you want to prepare well for your child’s birth?

Throughout your pregnancy you will experience many changes to your body. Pregnancy is a time of hormonal changes that “loosen” your ligaments, preparing you for birth. This loosening however can weaken your spine, therefore it is important it is checked and adjusted regularly. Regular adjustments can improve your immune system and your energy levels. Breech positions have been known to correct themselves under chiropractic care.

Do you want the best health for our new born?

The birth process can be very traumatic for a baby and can be known to create spinal distortions which may cause other complaints. We can improve the symptoms of Colic, disturbed sleep and difficulties in feeding. As your child reaches its toddler years having a spinal adjustment assists your child learn to walk. Walking with one or both feet pointing out or in known as toe walking is a sign of spinal tension which needs to be fixed.

Do you want healthy and vibrant children?

We can improve your child’s brain function . All children and especially those with problems such as hyperactivity, poor concentration, asthma, attention deficit disorder, vision problems and other conditions can benefit from chiropractic care. Visiting a Chiropractor can enhance the energy levels of your child and create greater immunity to cold and flu’s.