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Pain is not a prison; if you feel trapped by your pain, if you feel like you have exhausted every possible option for relief or if you are constantly feeling disappointed with the treatments you receive, the time has come to seek a treatment with the goal of treating the source of your pain and not its symptoms. At Complete Chiropractic, you will find that our customised treatment plans do just this. Using our innovative, holistic approach, we will create a personalised pain management plan to get you and your body back on track to self-healing and a stress free life.

The revolutionary approach to chiropractic care that we utilise is called Advanced Biostructural Correction. This method, which was developed recently using in depth methodologies, focuses on creating a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history and lifestyle in order to create a customised plan of attack that will both directly treat the cause of the problems by the therapist as well as to allow the patient’s body to self-correct itself. Complete Chiropractic has an in depth understanding of the ABC method as we were one of the first clinics to bring this practice to Australia.

Many problems occur when the spine is out of alignment. When some of the vertebrae are out of alignment, the body tries to correct this, which also throws other vertebrae out of their ideal alignment in order to pull the problem vertebrae back into place. At Complete Chiropractic, we know which areas need to be treated and which areas can heal themselves with no help. When treatment is applied to vertebrae that can already self-correct but are out of alignment because of nearby vertebrae that cannot self-correct, this can do more harm than good. By our experts focusing adjustments on key areas, the spine can re-learn how to self-correct itself which will provide a long-term solution to your pain and discomfort.

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition to live with that can cause severe depression. This is something we see every day at Complete Chiropractic. Western medicine can only take you so far at times and it’s not always high levels of pain that are the cause of some common and seemingly untreatable conditions. Some patients experience a serious loss of mobility even with low levels of pain. When the spine is misaligned, it can cause nerve damage, fatigue and even headaches.

If you feel like a prisoner and your pain is the prison, it is time to call your local chiropractor in Collaroy. It is time to break free of your prison and take your life back into your hands by getting the treatment you deserve – the treatment at Complete Chiropractic.

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Health Matters


We aim to give you freedom through an understanding of how the body works. It is through this understanding that you will be more in tune with your body and have a greater capacity to bounce back from injury.


70% of the body’s energy is used to counteract gravity. We treat the underlying factors contributing to poor posture and we can guarantee a positive change in posture in just one visit. Poor posture can be the reason for unresolved body symptoms such as headaches, back pain, poor sleep, shallow breathing and general lack of energy.


We can help you manage a range of injuries and illness, and can reduce or rid you of your pain and discomfort therefore giving you greater mobility and the freedom to be as active as possible.

At your first appointment, Your Chiropractor will build a complete picture of your health and medical history in order to develop your personalised treatment plan. This plan will cover:


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