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Getting the most out of your workout!

Looking for a sports chiropractor in Sydney? Fitness & weight training chiropractic issues are becoming ever-greater factors as people push themselves to their limits without considering the damage they’re doing to themselves … we can help …

Sport is an integral part of life for many of our wonderful patients on the northern beaches of Sydney.
For those patients of Complete Chiropractic who have taken the steps towards health and fitness, we see similar issues crop up in the early days. For our team of chiropractors – the following simple steps may make life just that little easier on your body.

When you head to a gym, working out with a personal trainer is a great way to ensure you are working out while maintaining correct posture. Meanwhile if you decide to brave it to the gyms of Dee Why on your own, you might be working out to the best of your efforts and your posture could do with some work!

Constantly in our Chiropractic clinic – our patients as us why is posture so important…? It’s startling to know that the majority of sporting injuries that we see in our clinic are as a result of improper posture and poor form when working out. What is even more surprising is that a large majority of these injuries could have been prevented if proper posture was maintained.

These three tips are some simple guidelines to help you when you’re next in the gym.

Weight Matters!
What you can achieve with by lifting 25kg eight times, can also be achieved with a 10Kg x and twenty reps, using correct form with no risk of injury. Lifting heavy weights when your body is not trained for it is one of the highest causes of musculoskeletal based injuries. As your body gets stronger, you can safely increase the weights and see your improvements.

Form Matters!
Learn to do each exercise correctly. The better your training technique the more you train the right muscle group without falling back and relying upon supporting muscles. Following the technique correctly will allow your muscles to get stronger and this will help you find that your ability to lift more weight longer.

Breathing Matters!
Too often when working out, our Chiropractors see many other gym junkies holding their breath. You too might be tempted to hold your breath while lifting weights. Don’t do that! Holding your breath can lead to increases in blood pressure. Instead, breathe out as you lift the weight and breathe in as you lower the weight.

If you are looking for information about exercise or sports injury chiropractor in Sydney, give our clinic a call. Our wonderful team of health-focused practitioners will be happy to help you arrange for your next chiropractic treatment.

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