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Do you feel like you get sick or injured far too easily? Is your immune system letting you down? Maybe it’s time to seek out a chiropractor in North Manly. The main focus of chiropractors throughout the years remains to be spine health and treatment. While there are other areas of the body that we can also treat here at Complete Chiropractic, we recognise that the spine is a complex and important part of the body that is responsible for many common ailments. The Central Nervous System is mainly located in the spine and misalignments of the vertebrae will cause pinched nerves that can have a direct, negative effect on the immune system. This very well could be the main reason why you are getting sick more often than those around you.

But how can a tiny spinal misalignment that you don’t even notice be causing your immune system to let you down?

As stated, and something that is fairly obvious, the state of the vertebrae and the state of the central nervous system are heavily related. And if immune system function is directly related to the central nervous system, if the CNS function is inhibited so will the immune system. Simply stated, the CNS is very sensitive to changes. Thankfully, just as other areas of the body can self-heal, so can the spine. When some vertebrae are out of alignment, the body takes steps to correct itself. Problems occur when other vertebrae that do not have the ability to self-heal become misaligned. In this case, the body takes the same self-correcting measures, but they don’t work. Our treatment protocol at Complete Chiropractic focuses on this specific situation in order to deliver the most long lasting results.

But why can the body correct some vertebrae and not others?

The fact of the matter is that some vertebrae have the muscle and connective tissue to be able to be pulled back into place and some do not. At Complete Chiropractic, we know which do and which don’t. If a vertebra without self-aligning ability goes out of position, the body’s response is to make adjustments to adjacent vertebrae in order to pull the rogue vertebra back into place. The problem remains that the original vertebra simply cannot be realigned naturally and now there are many misaligned vertebrae that will stay that way until the original misalignment is corrected.

When the specialists at Complete Chiropractic discover which vertebrae that do not have self-healing abilities are out of alignment and treat those vertebrae only, the rest of the spine will then automatically assume its natural shape. With proper spine shape comes proper CNS function, better immune system function and with a stronger immune system, you will get sick less often.

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