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The direct treatment of the root cause of your pain is an important goal of your care when you visit us here at Complete Chiropractic, but prevention is also of a very significant consideration. Many people around the world turn to the chiropractic field to diagnose and treat a number of conditions early on, before they are able to do lasting damage to the body that may require surgery to fix. Scoliosis and other severe spinal abnormalities can be detected early on in life and if treated correctly, their advance is not only halted, but can be reversed in some cases. Such reasons are why many people turn the chiropractor that Queenscliff has to offer – Complete Chiropractic.

You want the best for your family just as you want the best for yourself and like all parents; you want your children to grow up happy, successful and healthy. For that reason, the team here at Complete Chiropractic offer a number of preventive care measures that are effective in improving the health of the neck, spine, and other extremities in the bodies of both you and your little ones.

If left undiagnosed, scoliosis can be a debilitating disease that is not only very painful and life altering, it requires surgery to fully correct – surgery that is both extremely costly and even more painful than the condition itself. In this situation, the old saying rings true and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Even minor spine misalignments can worsen over time with poor habits and no education. By giving our team at Complete Chiropractic the opportunity to diagnose these abnormalities early on, we can make adjustments where necessary and, more importantly, we can educate you and your family on better habits for correct posture, and neck and spine health.

The difference between our clinic and all other chiropractors in Queenscliff is that we use a ground breaking method to administer effective and long-lasting treatments to our patients. This method is Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)™ and we are proud to be one of the very first Chiropractic clinics in Australia to introduce this revolutionary technique to the Australian public. Pioneered by a group of industry experts, this technique is proving its place in chiropractic care with each and every one of its success stories.

For more information on ABC and our holistic care plans, call us on 02 9972 0040 today. Alternatively, you can further browse our website and shoot us an email via our online contact form. The team here at Complete Chiropractic look forward to helping you achieve a better quality of life through our long-lasting treatments plans.



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Health Matters


We aim to give you freedom through an understanding of how the body works. It is through this understanding that you will be more in tune with your body and have a greater capacity to bounce back from injury.


70% of the body’s energy is used to counteract gravity. We treat the underlying factors contributing to poor posture and we can guarantee a positive change in posture in just one visit. Poor posture can be the reason for unresolved body symptoms such as headaches, back pain, poor sleep, shallow breathing and general lack of energy.


We can help you manage a range of injuries and illness, and can reduce or rid you of your pain and discomfort therefore giving you greater mobility and the freedom to be as active as possible.

At your first appointment, Your Chiropractor will build a complete picture of your health and medical history in order to develop your personalised treatment plan. This plan will cover:


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Mon-Thu:       7.30am – 11.30am         2.30pm – 6.30pm
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