The Leading Chiropractors in Dee Why Offer New Technology

Chiropractors in Dee Why are using groundbreaking technology to help clients remove stress from their bodies and lead more pain-free lives. Complete Chiropractic uses a unique posture correction technology and is one of the pioneers of the Advanced Biostructural Correction, or ABC, technique. The clinic’s owner, Hooman Zahedi, was one of the first chiropractors to bring this new technique to Australia. Only a handful of clinics around the country provide this treatment. ABC has helped numerous clients relieve the mechanical stress placed on the body’s skeletal and muscular systems.

Complete Chiropractic has separated itself from other chiropractors in Dee Why by also approaching its care plans from a holistic perspective. The friendly staff will examine everything from a person’s age to their diet, job, stress, and previous injuries. All of these can play a role in the pain and discomfort that people live with each and every day.

Care plans are individualised and customised for each client. Because each client is different and has different symptoms and different goals, a care plan from Complete Chiropractic is tailored to fit that individual. Care may include a new diet, a new exercise regimen, or even massage. By establishing an overall picture of each individual client’s lifestyle and goals, the clinic is able to produce results. It is one of the big reasons why the clinic is one of the leading chiropractors in Dee Why.