What is ABC?

Advanced Biostructural Correction

What is it?

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)™ is a method of chiropractic care that is relatively new to Australia. Though widely practised overseas, it is being pioneered by a small group of Australian chiropractors who have recognised it as a revolutionary technique.


How does it work?

ABC™ practitioners believe that your body compensates for injuries throughout the course of your life and that the impact of this compensation continues to accrue over time. The goal of ABC™ is to ‘unwind’ your body back through these problem areas and ‘unlock’ each area of tension and injury until it is completely erased.

While your body is a powerful machine with a range of corrective and protective mechanisms built into it, the accrual of tension and tissue damage resulting from old injuries means that it is not always able to self-correct.

What does the treatment involve?

In practicing the ABC™ technique, your chiropractor will look at your spine to see the issues and injuries that your body is unable to correct on its own. He will narrow down the precise points in your body where mechanical stress is taking place and use adjustment techniques to release it. However, your chiropractor will only adjust your body in areas where the body is unable to correct itself.

Some patients may find that they re-experience some mild symptoms related to their previous injuries or physical conditions during what’s known as the unwinding process. This is a temporary state and part of unlocking and erasing the traumatic events that your body has experienced.

What are the outcomes?

The end goal is to remove mechanical stress from your body’s skeletal, muscular and tissue structures. Successful treatment will balance your body, improve your posture and reduce or get rid of your pain. It will also provide your both with a greater capacity for self-correction when injury and other issues arise.