Welcome to Complete Chiropractic!

What to expect on your first visit:

As a new patient we want to make sure you get the best from us and to do that we will need about 40 minutes of your time at your first appointment.

So that you know what to expect from your first visit, we’ve detailed the process for you:


When you arrive at the clinic you will be given a short questionnaire to complete. Your medical history will be discussed with the Doctor and recommendations will be made for your care.

Patient Education – Evaluating your current situation

In order to familiarise yourself with the services of the clinic and the benefits of Chiropractic we have prepared a new patients pack for you. You can read this literature at your leisure and we would be very happy to discuss any of this information with you during your next visit. We believe the more you understand about your care, the better results you will achieve.

Consultation – Setting personal goals

You’ll meet the doctor who will review your health history and determine if yours is a chiropractic case. At this stage you should discuss any health complaints you may be experiencing and the Doctor will make suggestions of a health program for you.

Posture Exam – Measure every session

You will be photographed to document your current resting posture. As you make progress with your treatments further posture photographs will be taken to allow you to observe your progress.

Adjustment – Correct Technique

Based on your exam findings, the doctor will apply precise forces to gently start the spinal healing process. Your response is actually part of the examination.

Next Visit – Review your progress

Your first visit is complete. Plan to spend about 20 minutes on your next visit in order to review your first appointment and receive the doctor’s report of findings and recommendations. The doctor will outline a treatment plan designed for the current state of your spine. At this stage you will be able to ask questions to ensure you fully understand the nature and severity of your condition and what we are doing to help you.You will be given options that are based on your health goals.

Future visits will usually be about 15 minutes.