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Tech Neck: Pain From Smartphone & Social Media Use

Are you reading this on your desktop, or on a smartphone or tablet? Tech neck is so named because it’s pain from smartphone and social media use which is excessive. Is there a way back from Tech-neck? The onward march of new and exciting tech comes with challenges. Not least […]


Sports Injuries Chiropractors: Common & Unusual Injuries & Treatments

Many athletes and sporting professionals incorporate chiropractic care into their overall wellness regimen. With the Australian love of sport, chiropractors regularly come across sporting-related ailments and provide care to patients who participate in sport. Injuries in sports happen all the time. Understanding what kind of injuries, and why they occur […]


School Lunches Unpacked

Lunch Box

One thing I noticed when chatting to other parents about the start of the new school year is that even though everyone is so ready for the kids to go back to school, there is almost always a mention of the chore of making school lunches. The 2 biggest issues […]


Staying At Your Peak Over The Holiday Period

christmas season chiropractors

As the year is coming to a close – there’s every chance to celebrate. Work Christmas parties, family get-togethers, Fridays, new years and more. These times of celebrating can sometimes be a little taxing both on the pocket and the body. Follow these tips from our Australian Chiropractors to help […]


Chiro Vs. Physio Vs. Osteo – Whats the difference?

chiro physio osteo statistic

Some interesting statistics that have been revealed this year within the professions are the number of practitioners and the amount of patient visits through out the year of 2017.  The Australian practitioner registration board and the insurance regulation authority provided the following information: Registered Practitioners Treatments provided (Q3 2017) Chiropractors […]


Derailed in December? Not this year! 3 Steps to keep your health on track.

Keep your health on track

We always say to each other and our clients that there is no middle-ground with Health. You are either moving towards it, or away from it! No pause button. No happy floaty-place in the middle where we can simply “check-out” for the holiday season – and come back on some vague date in January (or February) to pick up our exercise gear where we left it in a heap in early December.


Chiropractic Advice Re Your Baby & Infants

baby infants chiropractor sydney

Helping little spines from the start. Our family chiropractors believe that spinal health starts from the day our little ones emerge into the world. When looking for chiropractic on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Complete Care puts your family first. The following simple tips are to help you along the […]


Drink More Water

drink more water sydney chiropractors

Drink More…………Water! Time and time again when chiro patients come to see our team,  we find that there is one major factor influencing their health and recovery. The answer for many of our chronic back pain patients may surprise you! Drink more…. (water that is!) The following seven tips are […]


Text Neck: Pain & Damage From Texting: Chiropractor Advice

text neck pain damage sydney chiropractor relief

The rise of Text-Neck! Walking the streets of Dee Why, catching the ferry from Manly or even riding the L90 from Palm Beach all the way to the city, it seems more and more nowadays, smartphones are a must-have device that offer instant access to information and entertainment. Our patients, […]