September 25, 2017

Paediatric Chiropractic Advice about Kids’ Spinal Health

Pediatric Chiropractor Advice Kids Spinal Health

Back to School Back-Pack Blues!

With the return to school we have plenty of our chiropractic patients in the northern beaches asking us about the best way to help the spines of their little (or not so little) ones.

Encouraging the children of our Dee Why chiropractic patients to be healthy and happy can greatly improve the early years and establish developing habits that will help them with spinal health for the rest of their lives. Here are some simple tips to beat the back to school blues.

Our Sydney-based paediatric chiropractors recommend checking the weight of your child’s school bag on a regular basis to help ensure they are not overloading their growing spine and nervous system. An increased load on the spine can, over time, lead to spinal complications in the future.

Reduce the impact of falls and other stresses, monitor for the development of scoliosis. The Chiropractic team in Dee Why can assist with this, and help your young ones to be as healthy and happy as they have the potential to be.

Helping our northern beaches parents aim to develop healthy eating habits early in their children’s lives, encouraging them to try eating lots of different, healthy food. What they eat when they are young can greatly impact the food they choose for themselves as an adult.

Encourage our chiropractic children to play, to be social and make their own fun. While television, iPads and the likes are a good ‘time fillers’ they can also be stressful on brain development and encourage anti-social behaviour.

Sports are fun ways for children to exercise, learn and socialise. With such a wealth of space on Sydney’s northern beaches we are lucky for that. Encourage your children to play sports that interest them, but avoid heavy contact sports or those that are particularly stressful on a child’s body.

At Complete Chiropractic in Dee Why, we believe health is a family affair. If you’re looking for more information or just want to speak to one of our great family chiropractors about your health or the health of your child, our team on the northern beaches of Sydney are here to help with chiropractic treatment.

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